Argentina, Buenos Aires, 2018

“Gino Germani” Research institute, based on Faculty for Social Sciences of University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, jointly with University of Belgrano organized “International Seminary on Religion and Politics”. Entire seminar was dedicated to the two issues of the Politics in Religion Journal. First one was the special issue on “Contemporary Judaism and Politics”, published as No. 2/2016 with Dr. Emanuel Taub as a guest editor. Second issue was No. 1/2017, with the title “Political Economy and Religion”, edited by Dr. Hernan Borisonik. Prof. Miroljub Jevtic, editor-in-chief of the PRJ, participated in the seminary by presenting his work on “25 years of Politology of Religion”.

Group of participants, Chairs of session (from left to right) Dr. Emanuel Taub and Dr. Hernan Borisonik

From left to right: Dr. Emanuel Taub and Dr. Hernan Borisonik

Prof. Miroljub Jevtic

Group photo, from right to left: Prof. Miroljub Jevtic, Dr. Emanuel Taub and Dr. Hernan Borisonik

Round table meeting

From left to right: Mr. Mugoša, Embassy of Montenegro in Argentina, prof. Miroljub Jevtic and Mr. Zoran Đukić from Serbian Embassy in Argentina