ISSR Conference in Spain

The 30th ISSR (International Society for Sociology of Religion) Conference took place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (27-31 July 2009). Professor Miroljub Jevtic was convener of TM 65 „Relations Between State and Religion in the Balkan States”
Dr Jean-Paul Willaime, President of ISSR and Dr Miroljub Jevtic (from right to left)
Dr Juan Luis Pintos de Cea-Naharro, Dr Miroljub Jevtic, Dr Carlos Antonio (from right to left)
Dr Vojislav Stanimirovic, Dr Duska Matevska, Dr Zoran Matevski, Dr Neven Duvnjak (fromleft to right)
Dr Gavril Flora and Dr Konstantinos Papastathis (from left to right)
Dr Zoran Matevski, Dr Neven Duvnjak, Dr Duska Matevska, Dr Sinis Zrinscak (from left to right)
Dr Daniel Gutierez and colleague from Mexico (from left to right)