International Symposium in Libya

„The World Center for Study of Green Book” and „Garyouniss” University Benghazi, Libya, organized between 23-25 of March 2009 „International symposium on the problem of authority between Domination and Liberation. The whole Authority for the whole people”. Professor Miroljub Jevtic took part with paper „Theocracy in the Modern World”.
Ahmed Ibrahim, Managing director of „The World Center for Study of Green Book” andProfessor Miroljub Jevtic
Faiz Bujawari, Green Book Center, Benghazi and professor Miroljub Jevtic
Dr AbdallaZakaria, The International Center for African Studies, Khartoum, Sudan and Dr Miroljub Jevtic
Professor Youssef el-Shein and Professor Miroljub Jevtic
Dr Milad, Garyouniss University; Dr Miroljub Jevtic, and oneProfessor from Libya
Professors from Islamic University de Say, State of Niger with Professor Miroljub Jevtic
Dr Driss Makboule Morroco; Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Colleague from Russia and Youssef Med Beneceur, Morroco
Coleague from Libya; Korogo Mahamoudu from Bukina Faso; Dr Miroljub Jevtic
Ferdosse Moussa Souleymane, Niger; Dr Miroljub Jevtic
Dr Fermin Toro Jimenez, Central University of Venezuela, Ambassador of Venezuela at United Nations; Dr Miroljub Jevtic and Colleagues from Venezuela