Scientific Conference in Moscow, Russia

“Russian State University for Humanities” organised 12 of Мarch Scientific Conference “Global Civil Society: Trajectory of Development, Risks and Perspectives”. Professor Miroljub Jevtic attended with paper: “Global Civil Society after 9.11“. Also at Institute “Just World” Professor Jevtic had a lecture.
Dr Miroslava Zapko, chief of the Centre of Sociological research;
Dr Jan Toshenko - Dean of Facylty of Sociology, member of Russian Academy of Science;
Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Michail Velmakin, lecturer of Departmenet of Political Sociology
Dr Gulshat Urazalieva, professor, Department of Empirical sociology; Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Dr Nataliya Velikaya, Head of Department of Political Socioogy; Dr Belova - associate professor, Department of Empirical sociology; Dr Jan Toshenko