Third ISA Forum on Sociology

Third ISA Forum on Sociology was held in Vienna, capital of Austria, July 10-14th 2016. Professor Miroljub Jevtic and Dr Olga Breskaya, European representatives within ISA's RC 22, organized a discussion table on Dialogue, Peace and Violence, African Diaspora, identity, radicalization. Professor Jevtic was also a chairman of a session "Interreligious Understandings". This session gathered scientists from Korea, Macedonia, India, Turkey, Italy and Chile.
First row: session participant; Alimpana Goswami, India; session participant from Korea; Vincente Espinosa, Chile; upper row, from left to right: Dr Zoran Matevski, Macedonia; Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Hakad Gulerce, Istanbul University and session participant from Italy
Colleague from Korea presenting his work
Professor Miroljub Jevtic as a chairman and Dr Espinosa from Chile
From left to right: Dr Espinosa, Hakan Gulerce and colleague from Italy
From left to right: colleague from Korea, Dr Ephraim Shapiro, Columbia University and Alimpana Goswami
Dr Miroljub Jevtic and Dr Olga Breskaya
Dr Miroljub Jevtic and Dr Zoran Matevski