XXII IPSA (International Political Science Association) Congress, Madrid

XXII IPSA (International Political Science Association) Congress, 8-12 July 2012, Madrid, Spain

 From 8-12 of July 2012, in Madrid, Spain, XXII IPSA (International Political Science association) Congress was organized. Professor Miroljub Jevtic has participated as Convener, Chair and Paper presenter. He was Convener and Chair of a panel “Contemporary Middle East from the Perspective of Religion and Politics”. Also, he presented the paper “Religious Oriented Parties and Democratization of Western Balkans”. During the Business meeting of RC43 (Research Committee) new Executive board of RC43 was elected. Members of the Board are: Jeffrey Haynes, UK, Chair; Alex Christoyannopoulos, UK; Luca Ozzano, Italy; Yolande Cohen, Canada; Jolanda van der Noll, Germany; Jevtic Miroljub, Serbia; Mika Luoma-aho, Finland; Nicolae Dragusin, Romania; Mohamed Carimo, Portugal; Emilce Cuda, Argentina; Sheryl Cross, Germany; Vendulka Kubalkova, USA. 

From left to right: Dr Barel Zvi, Sapir Academic College, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel; Dr Emilce Cuda, Pontifical Catholic University Argentina, Department of Theology; Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Dr Hamanaka Shingo, Yamagata University, Japan; Dr Stephen Hunt, University of the West of the England, UK

From left to right: Dr Luca Ozzano, University of Torino, Italy; Dr Bafikan Filiz, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey; Dr Cavatorta Francesco, Dublin City University, Ireland; Dr Di Peri Rosita, University of Torino, Italy; Dr Jeffrey Haynes, London Metropolitan University, UK; Dr Miroljub Jevtic 

Dr Miroljub Jevtic and Dr Leonardo Morlino, President of IPSA(2009-2012)

Dr Wyn P. Grant, Program Chair of IPSA XXII Congress and Dr Miroljub Jevtic


 Dr Miroljub Jevtic and Dr Mehdi Esfahani, Free University, Berlin, Germany

 From left to right: Dr Miroljub Jevtic; Dr Emilce Cuda, Pontifical Catholic University, Argentina, Department of Theology and Dr Carimo Mohomed,Portugal

From left to right: Dr Slobodan Samardzic, Univesity of Belgrade, Serbia; Dr Bojan Kovacevic, University of Belgrade and Dr Miroljub Jevtic

Dr Miroljub Jevtic as chair of the panel and Dr Stephen Hunt as discussant