Symposium on the Catholic Social Teachings and Human Rights, Philippines


On behalf of the Department of Theology and Religious Education (DTRE) OIC Chair, Dr. Lysander P. Rivera and Mr. Reuel Seno, President of the Religious Educators Association of the Philippines (REAP), Prof. Miroljub Jevtic has been invited to be one of resource speakers for the upcoming Symposium on the Catholic Social Teachings and Human Rights. This online event aims to engage participants in critically examining issues and explore new questions related to Catholic Social Teachings, human rights, and Philippine postcolonial history.

The symposium is part of the webinar series organized by DTRE and REAP as a contribution to the Lasallian Commemoration of the 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines.

Preregistration link:

Zoom / October 22, 2021 / 1:00 PM Phil. Time / 7:00 AM Serbia Time


Program Schedule: 


1:00-1:05         Opening Prayer 

1:05-1:15         Welcome Remarks

1:15-1:20         Introduction to the 1st Speaker 

1:20-2:00         Prof. Dr. Miroljub Jevtić

      Title: Human Rights and 500 Years of the Catholic Church in the Philippines

2:00-2:20        Open Forum (Moderator: Dr. Carolina Dionco)

2:20-2:25        Awarding of Certificate

2:25-2:35        Intermission Number

2:35-2:40        Introduction to the 2nd Speaker

2:40-3:20        Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dagmang

      Title: The Exile of Traditions in a Make-Believe Christianity: 500 Years of Colonial Christianity in the Light of the Catholic Social Teachings

3:20-3:40        Open Forum (Moderator: Dr. Carolina Dionco)

3:40-3:45        Awarding of Certificate  

3:45-3:55        Closing Remarks

3:55-4:55        REAP ASSEMBLY 

4:55                Picture Taking