IPSA World Congress - Brisbane 2018, Panel seeking papers


The next IPSA's World Congress will take place in Brisbane, Australia, July 21-26th 2018. You can find more information about it here.

Professor Miroljub Jevtic is proposing a panel titled "Religion and Political Parties". Panel absract is attached bellow. If you are interested in proposing a paper, please feel free to send your application to jevticmiroljub@yahoo.com. Application should include your full name, affiliation, title of the proposed paper followed with the absract of no more than 250 words and 4-6 key words. Panel will only accept papers in English. The deadline for application is Sunday, October 8th 2017. 

We are looking forward to your submissions!


Miroljub Jevtić
University of Belgrade
Department of Political Science


                                                               RELIGION AND POLITICAL PARTIES

In the last decades of XX and in the beginning of XXI century, religion becomes an important factor in political life around the globe. Among many other fields, religion has a massive influence in political parties
as well. This fact can be seen in several different ways. First of all, many political parties are formed with concrete religious marks, such are Demo Christian parties or Muslim Brotherhood. On the other hand,some
political parties are dealing a lot with the issues regarding religion, despite the fact they are formally secular. Moreover, we can see the influence of religion on political parties throw their work with different NGOs dealing with religion. And last but not the least many religious organizations are working with political parties and lobby groups in order to achieve their own interests.

This panel should gather scholars and political scientists familiar with the relationships between political parties and religion from all around the world and from various religious traditions, whose papers will give a contribution in developing this important field of research. Therefore, this panel should be a humble contribution to the development of politology of religion, one of the youngest political science discipline, firstly introduced in the curriculum of the Department of Political Science, University of Belgrade, in the school year 1993/1994.

Key words: religion, political parties, influence, relationships, politology of religion