ECPR, Hamburg 2018, Panel Seeking Papers


ECPR's General Conference will take place in Hamburg, Germany, 22-25th August 2018. Prof. Miroljub Jevtic is proposing a panel titled "New Challenges for Politology of Religion". Deadline for proposing a paper is February 4th 2018. Paper proposal should consist of 250 words abstract, followed with 4-6 keywords, author's name, affiliation and contact details. Proposals should be sent to 



Politology of religion exist for a very long time. It was born 26 years ago at the Department of Political science, University of Belgrade, in  the school year 1993/1994, when it was clear that Political scientist 
started to realize that religion is in the very essence of some of the most important political events in the world: Iranian Islamic revolution, founding of Israel and Pakistan, downfall of Yugoslavia etc. At the 
same time, Political scientist started to realize that religion, among other factors, is one of the most important driving forces for other political events, such is its role in dissolution of the Warsaw pact. 
After 9/11, this fact was even more visible. It goes to this day, with the last statements of Vain Mattis saying that priorities of the U.S. foreign politics are: China, Russia, North Korea and Iran, with fight 
against Islamic terrorism at the top of the bucket list. On the other hand, religious topics are often in the coverage of the worldwide media: migrant crisis and Islam; recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of 
Israel; question of the future of democracy in EU, which stands out of the Shuman’s attitude that European democracy is supposed to be Christian or it will collapse into anarchy. This panel is intended to 
cover all of these topics.

Keywords: politology of religion, democracy, future, religion, conflicts, USA, politics