Actual Events

Hekima University College hosted a conference on “On religion and Race” in Nairobi, Kenya, June 1-5, 2019. Professor Miroljub Jevtic participated at the conference and gave a talk on “Serbian Orthodox Christian response to the migrant crisis”.

Hekima University College


Professor Jevtic at the conference


Professor Jevtic at the conference


Professor R. Drew Smith, Pittsburg Theological Seminary, and Professor Jevtic


Dr. Williams Ackah, UK, and Professor Jevtic


Dr. Connie A. Mumma-Martinon, Univеrsity of Nairobi, Professor Jevtic and one conference participant


From left to right: Dr. Ronald E. Peters, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, William Ackah, UK, Dr. Connie A. Mumma-Martinon, Profeesor Miroljub Jevtic, colleague from Cameroon, and R. Drew Smith


Conference participants


Group of conference participants


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