• Hanan Khaled Al-Khudairi King Saud University


The phenomenon of Islamophobia is one of the most dangerous cultural consequences of the wave of extremism and violence that has shaken the world over the past three decades. The more extremism increases, Islamophobia increases, and the more Islamophobia increases, extremism increases at the same rate. This phenomenon has imposed its heavy consequences on Muslims in all Western and non-Western countries in which Muslims represent a minority of the social fabric. Many international and local organizations have endeavored to confront this phenomenon. The Muslim World League is considered to be one of the most active international Islamic organizations in combating and confronting this phenomenon. In this article I try to trace the cultural and religious efforts of the League in countries that suffer from increasing rates of Islamophobia, through which the League aims to mitigate the effects of this phenomenon - either by educating Muslims about further integration, or educating non-Muslims about the truth of the Islamic religion. That is how it tries to correct negative perceptual images they have about Islamic religion in the Western mentality, which are the underlying motivations behind the development and escalation of islamophobia.

Keywords: islamophobia, Saudi Arabia, dialogue, religions, Islam, Muslim World League


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