International Conference in Iran

Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) of Islamic Republic of Iran organized from 28-29 of October  2008  16th Internаtional Conference: ”Confrontation  in the Caucasus: Roots, Dimensions & Implications''. Professor Miroljub Jevtic, Ph. D took part at Conference with paper: ”Christian Fundamentalists and the US-Euroasian Policy”.

Dr Rasoul Mousavi, Director General, IPIS,
H.E. Hosein  Sheikholislam, First Deputy Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran,
Dr Manouchehr Moradi, Director of Center for Central Asia and the Caucasus Studies, IPIS, (from left to right)

Alexei Sherstobaev, Ukraine; James Nixey, UK; Seyad Rasoul Mousavi, Iran; Mahmoud Vaezi, Iran; Vladimir Kazimirov, Russia; Ajay Patanik, India; Miroljub Jevtic, Serbia; Jonathan Steele, UK  (from left to right)

Group portrait of participants