• Elie Al Hindy Notre Dame University, Lebanon


The paper is an attempt to revisit the controversial issue of the City of Jerusalem from a new perspective. The author will benefit from his experience and background to present the view of Oriental Christians toward the issue. This view will include the spiritual understanding of the “new Jerusalem” that is completely separate from the physical city of Jerusalem but that sheds light on the Christian approach to conflicts in general. Then the paper will review the political, technical, and human challenges that are facing the current negotiations and any possible future solutions, based on the analysis of the literature and declared positions. Finally, the paper presents the specific view and concerns of the Oriental Christians and the role they ought to play, concluding with some reflections and personal remarks. In all, this paper adds to the literature a new oriental Christian spiritual and academic perspective that has been shyly presented so far.

Keywords: New Jerusalem; Oriental Christians; Peace Process; Vatican-Israeli Relations; Heavenly Kingdom


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