• Godwin Okon Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria


This study was borne out of the need to ascertain the extent to which televangelists in Port Harcourt; deploy media content towards issues that border on socio-political development. The primary objective was to empirically determine if a correspondence exists between advocacy by televangelists and compliance by Pentecostals as manifested in Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP). The study necessitated triangulation with the Weighted Mean Score (WMS) as the basis for quantitative analysis. Findings revealed televangelism to revolve around the pastor (p), message (m) and church (c). Though an association link was found between ideologies expressed by televangelists and adoption by Pentecostals, this link only found expression in the concepts of secularism and fundamentalism. Survey also revealed a dismal rating of televangelism as regards socio-political mobilization. The chi-square test showed the x2 computed to be greater than the x2 critical thus showing a disconnect between knowledge on the potential benefits of televangelism and the deployment of such benefits towards socio-economic mobilization by televangelists. It was therefore recommended that televangelism should not be used for self aggrandizement and church growth but should complement the socio-political mobilization process. It was further recommended that a policy framework should be put in place to ensure compliance by televangelists.

Keywords: Mobilization, Pentecostal, Socio-Political, Televangelism, Televangelist


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