• Yousef M. Aljamal University of Malaya, Malaysia


This article examines the West’s designation of Hamas as a terrorist or- ganization. Describing Hamas as such is unfounded. Western terror criterion and Hamas’s Charter is not clear evidence that the movement is not ready to engage in the political process. The article draws a comparison between the Hamas’s Charter and the Charter of the Israeli Likud Party. A number of argu- ments are presented in support of Hamas not being a terrorist organization. Among such evidences are Hamas’s electrical victory in 2006, and many state- ments made by the movement’s leaders. Moreover, Hamas has never threat- ened the West, thus there is no justification to designate it as a terrorist or- ganization. The liberation discourse of the movement and the ongoing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories must also be considered. The author concludes that the West is urged to officially talk to Hamas for any lasting peaceful resolution to prevail in the Middle East.

Keywords: Hamas Charter, Terrorist Organization, the West, Israel, Politi- cal Engagement


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